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May 24, 2021

Boylston Properties Completes The Largest Solar Energy Project in Watertown at Arsenal Yards

Partnership with Kearsarge Energy will deliver over 1 MW of energy back to the town

Watertown, MA – May 20, 2020 – Boylston Properties today announced the completion of an extensive solar panel energy project at Arsenal Yards, a 1M square foot mixed-use project in Watertown’s East End neighborhood. After an extensive search for the best-in-class partner, Boylston Properties partnered with Kearsarge Energy on the six-month project. The energy company undertook a multi-million-dollar investment and is the owner and operator of the solar panels. Through the partnership, approximately 2,700 solar panels have been installed as a canopy on top of the brand-new parking garage, as well as on one of the two original Arsenal building roofs on the property – making this the largest solar energy project in the town to-date.

The solar panels will generate 1,375,000 kWhours that will be sold by Kearsarge Energy as discounted energy credits to low- and moderate-income housing facilities in the surrounding community including Boston. The energy generated is enough to supply power to 212 homes annually. Boylston Properties is continuing to explore further opportunities to efficiently and effectively install new arrays on additional aspects of the property.

The environmental benefits of commercial-scale renewable energy include preserving water typically wasted in traditional electricity production, reducing air pollution, helping to slow climate change and reliance on fossil fuels, while reducing Arsenal Yards’ overall carbon footprint. The Boylston Properties team will hold an invite-only and socially-distant ribbon cutting ceremony at Arsenal Yards with representatives from the Town of Watertown on Thursday, May 20, 2021, to commemorate the completion of the project.

“Watertown has ambitious goals to increase the amount of renewable energy in our electrical supply, and the solar project at Arsenal Yards contributes greatly to this wider effort,” said Ed Lewis, Energy Manager and Facility Project Manager for the Town of Watertown. “We appreciate their commitment to our energy conservation goals and setting an example for future development in town.”

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