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June 4, 2020

Love, Wins. Always.

Over the past few days, you will notice that we paused our typical online and social activity to give more space to the important conversations happening right now within our communities. We stand in solidarity with the Black community. We also know actions speak louder than words which is why we are donating to the mission and work of the ACLU Massachusetts branch.

At Arsenal Yards, we welcome everyone with open arms. Full stop. Our ultimate hope is to share a visit, a meal, a beer, an ice cream, a movie, a workout, a lab bench, and a home with any and everyone who wishes to share those experiences with us. Unfortunately, not every place and every person is as welcoming, and for a large, important piece of our community – our Black neighbors, customers, and team members – this is a systemic issue that has impacted and continues to impact their daily reality.

This is a pivotal moment in our country as we all take this time to listen, learn and then ultimately, to act for change. We encourage you all to find out more about ACLU Massachusetts and the many others that support this important mission.

Our hope today and looking forward is that love wins, kindness prevails, and that we all stand together to build a stronger community.

Love, your friends and allies at Arsenal Yards


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