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May 20, 2019

Japan’s Tori Jiro to Open First U.S. Restaurant at Arsenal Yards

Tori Jiro brings award-winning yakitori to East End Watertown

Watertown, Massachusetts (May 20, 2019) – Cluck yeah! Boylston Properties and Wilder proudly announced today that Japan’s Yuki Watanabe and Tori Jiro Executive Chef, Chef Mizushima will be serving up their world-famous “Yakitori” at Arsenal Yards. With over 60 restaurants in Japan, Hong Kong, The Philippines and Italy, Yuki Watanabe will open his first U.S. restaurant at Arsenal Yards, bringing iconic Japanese staples to Greater Boston’s next hottest neighborhood.

When Tori Jiro Founder Yuki Watanabe graduated from college, he was torn between the decision of job hunting or starting his own business. His favorite food in college was yakitori, a popular Japanese meal that consists of bite-sized pieces of chicken on skewers cooked over charcoal. One day he was watching a TV show about one of the most famous yakitori restaurants in Tokyo. He was intrigued, so he visited the restaurant and was amazed by their yakitori. He pleaded with the owner to train him so he too could build a successful yakitori restaurant. With this clear ambition, Mr. Watanabe set out to make the very best yakitori in Japan and did just that. He now serves his famous yakitori in four countries across the globe and will soon be treating the U.S. to the international sensation, along with a variety of authentic Japanese foods and beverages.

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