Employee VIP

Arsenal Yards Employee VIP – AY Employees

Arsenal Modern Dentistry: $350 In-Office Teeth Whitening, normally valued at $399. 
Ben & Jerry’s
: 10% off all menu items (including cakes!).
Condesa: 10% off your order. 
6 Month Contract Pricing, no commitment.
Frank Pepe:
20% off your order.
Jersey Mikes: 10% off your order.
Majestic 7: $11 tickets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and 10% discount on concession items.
Pokeworks: 10% off your order.
Rumble: 10% off membership price.
Shake Shack: 10% off your order.
Solidcore: 15% off new client 2 week unlimited and 15% off monthly memberships beyond that.
Too Tempted: 10% off your purchase.
Vitality Bowls: 10% off your order.


The physical Employee VIP Card MUST BE SHOWN at each participating restaurant upon check out to redeem specified offer. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Only businesses listed on this page are participating in this program.

Cards will be issued to managers of respective businesses only to be dispersed to employees. In the case of a lost card, please contact your manager.

2024 Employee VIP card is valid through December 31, 2024.

New cards will be issued each year and the former card will not be accepted at participating locations.