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Ready Set Get Excited

June 29, 2018

At a community meeting on June 18, the request to build a residential building at Arsenal Yards taller than 130′ was discussed. For FAQs, please click above.

Today, the Boston Globe published an op-ed article by columnist Dante Ramos that opines on the advantage of height for a town vs. width. This article is not about Arsenal Yards, rather about Boston and development concerns on their waterfront, but similar arguments hold true.

“A lot of people are afraid of heights,” the comedian Stephen Wright famously joked. “Not me; I’m afraid of widths.” So am I…… the thing to watch is the girth. Under public pressure, developers often relent on height and compensate for the lost space by making remaining floors fatter. That’s the wrong approach here. Would a svelte 600-foot tower be healthier for Boston’s waterfront than a shorter, fatter building that’s harder to see around? A thousand times yes — especially if the new building is designed well.” – Dante Ramos


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