Construction Updates

Construction Updates

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July 18, 2018

Updated construction map >

Building “A” slab-on-grade and high wall demolition is ongoing.  The lane adjacent to the high wall will be closed for the duration of demolition.

Building “E” appendage demolition is ongoing.  The lane adjacent to the appendage will be closed as needed.  A police detail will be present to help direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

The installation of the new underground electrical duct bank in front of the mall entrance will commence.  A police detail will be present to help direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

July 11, 2018

Our architect partner, PCA, produced a video detailing site work progress at Arsenal Yards last month. Buildings constructed in the 1980’s were demolished to open up space and land between the two original Arsenal buildings, which will be preserved, renovated and opening in 2019.

July 11, 2018

Updated construction map >

Demolition continues near building “E” (please see the corresponding map). A lane in the road will be closed between building “A” and building “E” during the demolition of the building “E” appendage, currently scheduled for 7/11 through 7/13.  A police detail will be present to help direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

The mall remains open with parking and mall access available per usual in the front of the mall on Arsenal Street.

Please follow directional signs for access to Arsenal Park.

June 29, 2018

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At a community meeting on June 18, the request to build a residential building at Arsenal Yards taller than 130′ was discussed. For FAQs, please click above.

Today, the Boston Globe published an op-ed article by columnist Dante Ramos that opines on the advantage of height for a town vs. width. This article is not about Arsenal Yards, rather about Boston and development concerns on their waterfront, but similar arguments hold true.

“A lot of people are afraid of heights,” the comedian Stephen Wright famously joked. “Not me; I’m afraid of widths.” So am I…… the thing to watch is the girth. Under public pressure, developers often relent on height and compensate for the lost space by making remaining floors fatter. That’s the wrong approach here. Would a svelte 600-foot tower be healthier for Boston’s waterfront than a shorter, fatter building that’s harder to see around? A thousand times yes — especially if the new building is designed well.” – Dante Ramos

June 22, 2018


Demolition has begun of the 1980’s addition that connected the two original Arsenal buildings. Interior renovations are also underway in these two original buildings, which will open in Phase 1 of 2019 with retail, restaurants and The Majestic Cinema. Pre-excavation for the parking garage, which will be near Marshall’s, has begun. Over the next couple of months work will continue on the garage site, as well as clearing rubble from demolition. In addition, preparation of site work for the building which will contain Roche Bros. and Blvd & Bond apartments is beginning and will continue.

April 9, 2018

Two identical community meetings have been scheduled to present Phase 4 of the Arsenal Yards master plan. The purpose of these meetings will be to present and discuss the final layout and design of buildings C, D and E.2, as well as to discuss the operation of the property during construction. These buildings will contain retail, residential apartments and dedicated residential parking. Discussion will include the massing of the buildings.

Both meetings will be held at the Arsenal Yards Development Office located within Arsenal Yards. Park and enter the main entrance next to Chipotle.

Thursday, April 12 6:30PM – 8PM and Wednesday, April 18 6:30-8PM

Click here for more information on the meeting and here for project plans.

January 24, 2018


Phase 1 demolition is complete and utility work has begun. Work continues in several marked areas. Please follow wayfinding signage for vehicle and pedestrian access. Parking remains accessible near the main entrance near Chipotle and Marshalls.

December 13, 2017


Work continues in areas E & F, as well as work area D. Please follow the appropriate signage. All pedestrian and vehicular traffic is clearly marked, and parking remains accessible near the main entrance.

November 21, 2017


The main entrance to Arsenal Park Drive remains closed. Please continue to follow signage to access Arsenal Park.

Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates (HVMA) has a rerouted entrance from Arsenal Yards. If walking or driving to/from Arsenal Yards and HVMA, please follow wayfinding signage.

Work area E fencing has been adjusted. Pedestrian and vehicular access is clearly marked.

The main entrance to Arsenal Yards near Chipotle and Marshall’s is open and parking remains available directly in front of the entrance.

October 16, 2017


Arsenal Street drainage work is now complete.

The main entrance to Arsenal Park Drive is closed. Please follow signage for access to Arsenal Park.

If walking from Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates to Arsenal Yards, please follow pedestrian traffic signage due to work at Arsenal Park Drive. A temporary fence will be installed in this area.

Telecommunications and electrical work continues (Area C on map). Please follow signage. Parking and access to Arsenal Yards, including near Marshall’s and Chipotle, remain open.

October 9, 2017


Arsenal Street drainage work continues (Area G on map). Please follow police detail directions. There will be one lane of traffic in each direction at this area of Arsenal Street during the hours of 7AM – 3PM.

Utility work continues (Area C on map) and some demolition work begins (Area D on map) at Arsenal Yards. Please follow directional signage. Parking lots and businesses remain open.

September 25, 2017


Work has started at Arsenal Yards for utility relocation, and drainage, water and sewer alignments, which need to be completed in advance of construction beginning. Specifically right now, Arsenal Street drainage work is occurring. All Arsenal Yards vehicle entrances remain active and passible.

This week pedestrian access to Arsenal Yards from Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates will be shifted to the north side of the Marshall’s parking lot, crossing over to the center drive aisle sidewalk.

The main entrance to the mall near Marshall’s and Chipotle remains open, including parking in front, which is all clearly marked with signage for those visiting. There is one work area for equipment and materials, but the majority of the parking lot remains open and available for customers.